TCV School Selakui

It is located in the beautiful village called Dhoolkot, Selakui; Just 17 km from Clock-Tower, the heart of the city, Dehradun.

  • The area of campus is 43.64084 Acres (176644.634362976 in Sq. Mtrs.) and it is located just opposite to Tula’s Institute of Technology.

The area of general sports playground is8250 in Sq. Mtrs. and the school has also two different world class basket courts.

The build up areas of the school is 11676 in Sq. Mtrs.

The school is at one site

Sr. No.RoomNumberSize(L in ft.)Size(B in ft.)
1Biology Lab154.923.2
2Chemistry Lab154.923.2
3Class Room163223.2
4Computer Sc. Lab25424
6Maths Lab13223.2
7Other Rooms354.923.2
8Physics Lab154.923.2
9Mini Library154.923.2
10Tibetan Language Room15424
11Staff Reading Room16.76m3.22m
12Multimedia Room113.10m6.76m
13Meditation Room112.58m6.76m