2022 to 2023 batch

DOG TEAM REPORT OF 2022 – 2023

 Report of  Dog team 

  YEAR 2022-2023



  1. Fundraising for the vaccination regarding the dogs health.
  2. Water bowls for the dogs during the hot summer.
  3. Giving baths for the dogs. (some don’t even let us make them wet.)
  4. Placing food bowls for the dogs. 
  5. Vaccination for them.
  6.  Trimming the fur during the hot summer.


Tibetan animal lover rescue



Things we achieved this year. 

  1.  Fundraising for the vaccination.
  2.  Setting water bowl for the dogs at different place 
  3.  Gave baths for some of the dogs.
  4.  Placing food bowls for the dogs
  5.  Vaccinating them. (all the dogs got anti rabies and deworming vaccines.)
  6.   Trimming the fur due to unbearable heat in Dehradun.

Things we learned throughout this year!

Throughout this year us dog team childrens learned a lot of new things like applying ointments, giving vaccines and a lot of other things. I think we learned a lot of new things under the guidance of our mentor Gen Tenzin  Woeser la. This year was full of experience with everyone and it’s the first time I felt so close to the dogs. The feeling we get when the dogs come to you wiggling their tails and jumping out of excitement. The feeling you get when you feed the dogs and the way they behave with you, it is just a new feeling, a feeling of happiness. 

We learned a lot of new things about dogs. We also received a certificate from the Tibetan Animal Lover.

2022 to 2023 batch


First thing, I would like to thank Gen Tenzin Woser la as we got this great opportunity for us to learn a lot of things, also our school heads for helping us with everything. Mainly our cool team mates that worked really hard throughout the year running after the dogs to give them vaccinations, going out in the hot summer to fill their water bowls, sacrificing their precious time to feed the dogs and following our mentor’s guidance very well. TIBETAN ANIMAL LOVER is one of the most important communities for our school dog team as they help us with transporting the dogs for operation and also thanking them for the beautiful certificate. Sir Pankaj who taught us how to give vaccination to the dogs, how to use a syringe and how to mix the dose perfectly. The students who helped us a lot with the donation and a lot of things… 

Thank you everyone for the great work in this year and hope the next batch of dog team also goes well under the guidance of our mentor. 



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