Anamorphic Art

What Is Anamorphism?
Anamorphism is defined as, “producing, relating to, or marked by intentional distortion of an image”.

What Does That Mean?
Well, put simply, it is intentional distortion of perspective; a type of optical illusion that is best viewed from one particular vantage point to get the full effect. Usually, it’s actually best viewed through a camera lens or a phone screen as the full effect isn’t always as clear to the naked eye. Most of the time the image doesn’t appear to even make sense from a conventional viewpoint (straight facing the work), therefore the viewer has to stand in exactly the right obscure position to get the full image.

What Is Anamorphism in Art?
Anamorphism in art is using this trick of distorting perspective to create artwork that is one big optical illusion. This can be done with chalk on the floor, paint on a wall, or even pencil on paper. Basically, any flat surface can be used to create a 3D piece of artwork that looks like it’s coming off of the surface… literally going beyond its own 2D boundaries.

What’s super cool about it is that many anamorphic pieces are made to be not only visually interactive but also physically interactive… meaning lots of selfies of happy people standing on the work looking as if they’re part of it. You know you’d do it too!

Our Young Artists of class 8 (2019) from TCV Selakui had put lots of their efforts and brain on producing anamorphic street art and few of their works are captured as below:


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